Promac RHP

Rotary High Production

This machine produces high production rates with variable finished mulch size; production and durability are the strengths of this machine.  Desired by operators who have a requirement for heavy duty brush clearing, faster mulching and options for teeth to suit their specific needs.

  • Heavy duty structural frame construction of fully welded plate
  • Wear resistant liner constructed with QT100 plate
  • Promac-designed and precision-manufactured components including tooling, disc, bearing housing, shafts and drive system
  • Shroud doors on each side of the brush cutter to provide multiple cutting options
  • Engineering and design services to match your machine’s auxiliary hydraulic flow to attain the desired disk operating speeds
  • Renowned Promac warranty, service and support
  • Flat top pusher pad or custom pusher pad with mounting bracket
  • Upsized bent axis piston or variable displacement motor for superior low speed torque
  • Custom designed mounting bracket to match your excavator
  • Custom colors available
RHP 36RHP 52
Excavator size (tons)Min: 15 | Max: 20Min: 20 | Max: 30+
Cut width36"52"
Approx. weight2000lb2600lb
ColorMetallic grey / blueMetallic grey / blue
Motor size (cc)80107
Motor typeBent axis pistonBent axis piston
Flow min (GPM)3242
Flow pressure (PSI)40004000
Disk typeRHPRHP
Carbide bullet4 top, 6 bottom8 top, 12 bottom
Disk max speed18001800
Edge knife68
  • Land clearing
  • Forest fire prevention
  • Road development and maintenance
  • Pipeline development and maintenance
  • Trail development and maintenance
  • Transmission line development and maintenance
  • Railway development and maintenance

One bracket does not fit all. Every piece of equipment has a different attachment apparatus. Promac offers a custom bracket manufacturing service for all of our brush mulcher and brush cutter customers. Contact us for a quote to design and manufacture a custom bracket that fits your exact needs.

Download product sheet: RHP 36RHP 52